Kia Truck 2025: New Generation Mid-Size Pickup Truck

Upcoming Kia truck 2025. We expect this new Kia truck 2025 to be a mid-size segment and likely to be known as a pickup. Although there was a lot of speculation about this new KIA pickup in the past it is finally coming to an end. According to the KIA official website, it will be the most popular and popular segment at present and will offer versatile benefits. Can be used easily and to express agendas. That’s why the new KIA truck will be slightly different from other vehicles.

The construction work of the vehicle is more than half completed. Now it’s just a matter of attaching the parts. We expect its exterior changes to bring a stylish, modern look. The inside must also change. But hopefully, the new Kia truck 2025 will be a sports SUV. They will also borrow some ideas from the models of yesteryear. Like its powertrain. Again, it is expected to come as an electric one.

Kia Truck 2025
Kia Truck 2025

It is known that they have already built up their portfolio with a large number of SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks and gained a lot of reputation worldwide. Currently, they are planning a new dominance with the new Kia Truck 2025. That’s why they built a prototype that they are demonstrating in front of.

Kia Truck 2025 Price & Release Date

The market price or dealership price of the new KIA Truck 2025 is not known yet. But from what we understand from various online sources, its price will be limited to 30000 to 35000 dollars. Because if the price is more than that, the engine capacity will be questioned. Again the release date of the car was supposed to be at the end of 2003. But they are seriously trying to bring it to the market by early 2025.

Upcoming Kia truck 2025 Specification

The new KIA Truck 2025 is going to hit the market with a major change. Its engine, exterior beauty, interior management, and body structure are discussed in detail below.

Kia Truck 2025
Kia Truck 2025

Kia truck 2025 Engine

Looking at its styling, we think the new Kia Trucks 2025 could compete with the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Navara, and GMC Canyon as a midsize truck. As we know, the v six-engine is a standard engine for this class of cars with a 3.8-liter capacity engine. From which 291 horsepower is produced. But with this type of engine configuration, Toyota sold slightly less than other cars. But there we found the towing capacity of the model to be very good.

The 291 horsepower 3.8-liter engine will undoubtedly provide plenty of power to this mid-size pickup. It will also offer a towing capacity of up to 7000 lbs. However, in this case, there may be some impact on fuel economy. Also, it can come with 8-speed transmission. In terms of driving, AWD and X-Pro are available as options. As a result, such improvements in the world of pick-up trucks will increase the sales potential of KIA.

Another engine option is also rumored. It is an engine of 2.5-liter capacity and produces 191 horsepower. As well as what we expect to be electric, a 150kW battery back could be added to the new Kia Truck 2025. This will give the car a minimum range of 320 miles on a single charge.

Kia Truck 2025
Kia Truck 2025

Interior Design

We have already reported that the interior of the new KIA Truck 2025 is going to be very stylish and modernized. It is expected to use Spatage quality cabin technology. This is a very good thing. Because you will see luxurious and modern technology in the SUV. Also, a digital dashboard display is integrated with the central infotainment system. Its seats have been slightly modified and improved. Makes seating for five. The most comfortable thing is the high-quality audio system, well-served management, and numerous technical facilities. Along with that you plan to add a lane change warning, automatic braking system and autopilot facility.

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Exterior Design

The exterior beauty of the new KIA Truck 2025 is very similar to the SUV. 19-inch aluminum wheels are used here. The rear will see a cargo bed measuring 5.5 feet in length and 6.5 feet in width. Where you will find the facility of transporting any type of equipment. Again, you will get a lot of benefits in the case of off-road. The fascia powertrain is used at the front. The headlights at the front have received a touch of modern technology.

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