Unveiling the Future: The 2026 Opel Manta Electric

The new upcoming model 2026 Opel Manta Electric. As the automotive industry continues its electrifying evolution, Opel is stepping into the future with the eagerly anticipated 2026 Opel Manta Electric. The news came as part of a press release on Opel’s intention to become an all-electric manufacturer in Europe by 2028. Its parent company, Stellantis, said it will be all-EV in Europe as well as offering ultra-fast electric power for its entire range of light commercial vehicles, which will be phased out in fleet and electrified versions of every model by 2024.

Opel’s upcoming 2026 Opel Manta Electric could all offer a driving range between 500 and 800 km, bringing them with a fast charging capability of 32 km per minute. We’ll take a closer look at the features, design, and eco-friendly technology that make the 2026 Opel Manta Electric a promising player in the electric car market.

2026 Opel Manta Electric
2026 Opel Manta Electric

Design of 2026 Opel Manta Electric

In line with Opel Manta Electric’s vastly modernized underpinnings, Manta has undergone a makeover that pays homage to its heritage while bringing it up to date with Opel’s current production models. It features a version of the Brand’s ‘Vizor’ grille and features a modern LED screen. This displays different messages and motifs at the same time, while the conventional headlights, brake lights, and DRLs have been completely swapped with sharp LED items.

The striking neon yellow paint on the interior of the 2026 Opel Manta Electric matches Opel’s new branding design and goes the extra mile to contrast with the earlier 1970s-style black bonnet. Original 13-inch rims have been replaced with previously included Ronal 17-inch alloy wheels. The earlier chrome bumpers have been removed. Redesigned by tuning and racing firms such as Irmscher in replicating the look of the Manta models to replace them.

2026 Opel Manta Electric Interior
2026 Opel Manta Electric

2026 Opel Manta Electric Engine & Performance

Earlier Mantas were equipped with 1.2-, 1.6-, and 1.9-liter four-cylinder engines. Whose engine is rated between 60 and 105 horsepower? That included the top-of-the-line GT/E being rated at 117 mph and taking around 11 seconds for a zero-to-60-mph sprint each time, underscored by the Opel’s remarkable brawny sound.

Electric conversion can transform the power of 147 horsepower, which is still managed through a four-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels. Rowing is forced through gears, which are not so necessary. Also given it can be left in fourth gear. Its instantly available 188 pound-feet of torque can render the first three gears strictly optional.

2026 Opel Manta Electric Powertrain and Battery

The Opel Manta Electric’s four-cylinder petrol can be swapped for an electric motor producing 147hp and 255Nm. This makes it not only more powerful than any base-spec Manta A but also offers the most powerful battery-electric car in Opel’s stable.

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It has a 31kWh battery pack, which may be much smaller than the ones found in the Corsa-E and Mokka-E. It offers a claimed range of 200km and is charged via regenerative braking like its production rivals. However, the car is capable of a four-hour top-up courtesy of a 9.0kW inbuilt charger.

2026 Opel Manta Electric Interior

2026 Opel Manta Electric has been given a digital display, and the interior is a close look at current production cues with analogue clocks for the 10-inch touchscreen. It also gets sports seats, which were originally intended for the Adam S supermini. It has been updated to provide reverse signals. However, it is enhanced by a three-spoke steering wheel with noon clock markers, a period-correct gear shifter, and a manual handbrake.

2026 Opel Manta Electric
2026 Opel Manta Electric

Opel has yet to reveal any theory that it intends to keep the Electromod in limited or otherwise production. But similar behaviour can be seen side by side with other historic models, including the Nova, Firenza, and GT.

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Vauxhall notes that the 2026 Opel Manta Electric will be launched by the middle of this decade. It offers “an attractive and surprisingly spacious new interpretation of a classic. Brand added that it is “emission-free, versatile and a car that captures hearts and minds.

Remains Vauxhall has made an earlier switch to electric cars, and by 2028, the Brand may sell only electric cars. This timeline would see the UK government’s deadline for phasing out petrol and diesel cars seven years ahead.

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